Google Ads Management & SEM Consulting

We create Google Ads campaigns that convert.

Make Google Ads work for you.

Hash Metric's proven approach to paid search marketing saves your advertising dollars while improving the performance of your campaign objectives.

Campaign Management

Making Google Ads work and staying up to date with Google's latest changes is a full-time job. Leave the hard work to us.

Google Ads Consulting

We answer your Google Ads questions and provide training and support to your in-house team as needed.

Google Ads Automation

We develop custom Google Ad scripts and integrations that automate tasks saving time and money.

We support all Google Ad formats and Objectives.

Whether your goal is to increase and improve the quality of your leads or grow sales for your eCommerce products we have the experience and methodolgy to make it happen.

Google Search Ads

Be found when people search for your product or services on Google.

Youtube And Video Ads

Attract users when they watch or search for videos on YouTube.

Product Listing Ads

Advertise your products to reach the right people while they shop on Google.

Get an experienced senior level Google Ads specialist ready to grow your business.


100% of our current clients report a positive ROI from our services.


Over 85% of our clients reduced wasted ad spend in the first month.


We've managed over 5 million in ad spend in the last year alone.


Over 90% of our clients come from clients recommending us to others.

Take your Google Ads to the next level.